Established in 2006 by Mark Barnard, the Owner and Managing Director, Contrasol has become a pioneering provider of solar shading and architectural façades, seamlessly blending innovation, design excellence and unparalleled customer service to deliver projects that not only save energy and create visual impact but that also make buildings more comfortable for their occupants.

The company has grown year-on-year, a testament to Mark’s adept leadership in assembling a dynamic team that shares his enthusiasm for design and bespoke solutions. Leveraging his background as a design engineer, Mark remains steadfast in his commitment to prioritising design as an integral part of the proactive project delivery process – from initial inquiry to final installation.

From its inception, Contrasol recognised the increasing technical demands being placed on solar shading specialists by the drive for better construction. The company embarked on a mission to meet this challenge head-on, placing a primary focus on the design resources necessary to cater to the evolving market demands for advanced structural, thermal and solar performance. As a result, Contrasol has emerged as one of the rare solar shading and screening specialists capable of seamlessly integrating these diverse specifications into a cohesive, value-engineered design. This unique capability positions Contrasol as a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of large commercial and residential projects, both in the UK and North America.

Contrasol was started in 2006 by Mark Barnard and as the Owner and Managing Director of Contrasol, he has steadily grown the company every year building a team that embrace his passion for design and bespoke solutions.

Today, the pressure for sustainable development has increased in priority around the globe. Environmental and ecological factors will, in future, have an equal priority in influencing new products and process development.

It is the policy of Contrasol Ltd to fully comply with both the letter and intent of all applicable HSEQ legislation. The greatest importance is attached to the safety of our employees and other people who may be affected by our activities.