It is the policy of Contrasol Ltd to fully comply with both the letter and intent of all applicable HSEQ legislation. The greatest importance is attached to the safety of our employees and other people who may be affected by our activities.

It is the duty of management to ensure safe operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities by periodically appraising all work methods and carrying out inspections. Management will encourage participation of all employees and sub-contractors in joint consultation on matters of HSEQ.

The active co-operation of all employees and sub-contractors is essential to make the Company Health and Safety Policy successful. Everyone is expected to conform to the Company Health and Safety Policy, all method statements and risk assessments. They should work in such a manner that accidents to themselves and others are avoided. The company will ensure access to competent health and safety advice and implement health and safety best practice.

This Statement will be reviewed annually or if any significant changes take place, any changes arising from that review will be implemented. The Board of Directors will give full backing to this Policy.

M Barnard