Hilltop House, London


Bespoke Shutters


Coup De Ville Architects

This contemporary scheme was conceived as two stacked, offset, L-shaped volumes. The upper volume of the house extends and retracts over the ground floor and the interplay between these two levels creates dynamic cantilevers and setbacks that seek to open up the views from the property and provide subtle private enclosures to rooms within. This interplay is further emphasised by the contrast of external finishes of light render and dark porcelain. These hung facades conceal the services and rainwater pipes within, creating a cleaner external appearance.

Large projecting glazed openings overlook the courtyard and garden; these are boldly framed with pressed metal and feature Contrasol 50/30 Western Red Cedar Shutters. The projections to the front are separated with a frameless glass box which lets light flood into the landing and stairwell. To the rear another glass box is utilised in order to separate the two bedroom windows.

The use of SIPs panels and a timber frame made for an efficient and cost effective build that is CSH 4 rated


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